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Eye Campus - Education ERP For All Types Of Education Institute

A reliable campus management and automation system designed and developed to help schools and colleges with automating their processes, right from admissions to curriculum implementation.

Eye Campus

Cost Effective & Efficient Paperless Administration Suite

We have coded a school & college information management system infused with powerful features creating a seamless experience for any educational institution. Our campus system is developed for the niche needs of modern schools and colleges. This web-based interactive application facilitates campuses to manage all complicated daily and bigger tasks. Our campus management system is engineered and infused with years of market research by our team to help schools and colleges better manage their campus, and tailored for modern-day campuses.

Eye Campus is an Institution Management software solution for universities and colleges to streamline and automate their activities. This university management system software is designed specifically for all kinds of universities and colleges.

Eye Campus is an interactive web based application which handles day to day operations of institutions efficiently and customizable to your institution needs. It enables to build, manage and extend the digital campus platform, and aids in experiencing the complete digital world of automation.

Also effectively aims at integrating various levels of administration to provide an overall integrated solution.

It enables individuals, systems and communities to interact seamlessly across campus in an environment which is efficient and gives adequate service delivery and personalized educational experiences. With an Eye Campus ERP system, it enables the effective communication towards all the stakeholders involved such as Teachers, Students and Parents and the same has been integrated with social Media towards marketing and Branding of the Institution.

Eye Campus can work efficiently either as an university management system or a college management system.

Online Registration and Admissions

Eliminate manual processes and save significant time by enabling prospective students to apply online through a self-service portal

One-stop student solution

Allows students to enroll, register and pay for courses through the portal

Simplified Document management System

With a single system for all your data needs and reports

Manage Your Academics

Give faculty the means to enter and update grades, and have personalized access to timely, accurate and institution-wide information

Smart Evaluation

End to end solution to make Examination online from Hall Ticket generation till the Result announcement

Manage resources

Manage personnel, funds and processes more transparently and efficiently

Strengthen decision-making

Track the metrics required to guide day-to-day operations and engage your organization

Modules Available
    • Dashboards
    • Student Logins
    • Academic Management System
    • Examination Management System
    • Faculty/Staff/Management Logins
    • Smart Evaluation/Managemnt
    • Website
    • Human Resource Module
    • Distant Education Portal
    • Online Student Feedback Management System
    • Quick Messages/SMS Plugins
    • Inventory Management System
    • Fee/Finance/Accounts/Payment Gateway Integration
    • Scholarship Module
    • E-Library
    • Dispatch Module
    • Placement Module
    • Comprehensive Report Generation

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