Liferay Consulting Services

Liferay Consulting Services

We are a reliable Liferay DXP consulting agency, transforming businesses with Liferay(an advanced enterprise platform).

The Sunplus software's Liferay expertise back organizations to enhance the efficiency and the effectiveness of the application environments. Our offshore Liferay consulting has over the years proven a big positive difference to their existing setup and the prospective business needs. Our unit of Liferay experts are qualified to formulate the process backbone and the framework for your company to enable efficient and cost-effective development of applications.


Liferay DXP Consulting

We deliver customer-centric solutions, by employing the endless possibilities of the Liferay DXP portal. Our pool of Liferay consultants, having years of extensive industry exposure, making our Liferay enterprise solutions is highly beneficial for businesses. At, Sunplus Software, we advise and manage incorporation of the Liferay portal to establish every enterprise have a scalable yet robust platform that secures their bright future prospect.

Why Liferay DXP Portal?

There are a number of offerings of the Liferay DXP portal, and we, at Sunplus Software help you avail every bit of it. Some of the notable perks of this portal are Modularity, Semantic Versioning, Monolithic to Micro services, Expose and Access Services, Faster Page Refresh, Re-Use Classes Across the System and Wider Tooling Support.

Why Choose Sunplus Software?

Experience of Designing & Implementing Complicated Projects
Implementing Projects with Varied Team Size Team Member
Excellent Customer Support


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